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To the 1.5 billion people around the world who suffer from chronic pain, Renuva Back & Pain Centers provide innovative pain treatment as an alternative to addictive prescription drugs, costly injections, and high-risk surgery.

Dr. Riley on why he developed CoreCare

My mother suffered from chronic pain from migraines.  It affected her quality of life, and my relationship with my mother because she couldn’t function on a daily basis.  Drugs only made the problem worse.

I became a Chiropractor to help people like you who struggle like my mother did.  I am passionate about helping people with pain, and spent years researching and testing treatment modalities that could create long-term, positive changes in the lives of my patients.

I wanted to relieve the pain and restore you to normal function in ways that Chiropractic adjustments alone just could not do.  I was looking for a long-terms solution that I could stand in front of patients with integrity to tell them that I could help them.

I developed CoreCare to fix the problem rather than cover up the symptoms.

What you receive with CoreCare is an approach that’s been developed over the course of 12 years through my time of research and testing of treatments with my patients.

Initially, I struggled to find therapies that would help truly heal the cause of pain.  This is when I went on a mission to achieve better outcomes for my patients.

I realized that chiropractic care caused some structural changes, but, in isolation can take a long time in cases with chronic pain to create lasting change, so I knew I needed to add treatments to the chiropractic treatments to increase the impact and provide a longer term effect.

After seeing the research on decompression therapy, I went on search for decompression technology to add into my practice because of the high success rate in increasing the disc space and reducing pain.  I added this into CoreCare after testing it’s results.

I stumbled onto Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, but didn’t recognize the importance of it until my son was bitten by a brown recluse spider.  I was concerned that the tissue on my son’s leg would die and fall out.  After treating the area with the laser once, the area improved by 50%.  The laser helped increase the blood flow and produced enough cellular ATP to affect healing in the damaged area.  I knew that that, if the laser could do that for a spider bite, it could do wonders to treat other areas of the body.  I added laser to CoreCare to reduce pain and inflammation and speed the healing with excellent results.

Physical therapy was a natural fit into the treatments to both prepare the body for the treatments and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine for long-term, lasting effects.  Without a stronger core, the benefits of the treatments will not last.

Over the course of time, I researched and tested many other therapies and technologies that didn’t add value to the process and ended up sticking with the four treatment modalities in CoreCare.

Now, with success in thousands of patients, I am training doctors on this treatment protocol to help patients all over the country through Renuva Back and Pain Centers.

I founded Renuva Back and Pain Centers and developed the CoreCare protocol as a comprehensive non-surgical and drug-free approach for people just like you that addresses the cause of your pain, and therefore the symptoms of your pain.

Renuva provides innovative pain-relief therapies, as an alternative to harmful prescription drugs, ineffective injections and high-risk surgery.  Renuva's compassionate doctors and staff utilize leading edge technologies to provide an exceptional patient experience.
At Renuva we believe there is a better way! Pain should not be accepted as part of the aging process; drugs and surgery are not your only options; quality of life is important and every moment no matter how big or small should be enjoyed to the fullest – pain free!

If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain or arthritis, Renuva’s innovative pain relief therapies may completely eliminate your pain and help you avoid harmful prescription drugs and high-risk surgery.

How We Do It

We provide our patients hope through genuine care & support – because they deserve it! We deliver exceptional service through our attention to accuracy & consistency.

We strive to deliver exceptional service to our patients in ways they’ve never experienced in other doctor’s offices.